There are two different types of walnut lumber depending on the layer. The outer layer is called sapwood and the inner layer is called the heartwood. Walnut sapwood can be three inches in width and has a creamy white color. The walnut heartwood has a more chocolate brown color. The walnut wood surface reflects an extraordinary grain variation. Its rich and illustrious brown color lasts over time, that's why it has become a favourite among carpenters and woodworkers.

Walnut wood has many uses. It is used to make furniture, wood crafts and musical instruments such as piano. It is also ideal to use for panels, gun stocks and flooring. The highest quality of walnut lumber can be made into veneers. Veneers are slices of wood with a thickness of approximately 1/28 inch. They are typically pasted to cheaper wood that serves as framework. These veneers can also be used as panels. Using veneers is the economical way of enjoying the luxury and stability of walnut furniture.